Our Programs

Our Programs

We organize various promotional programs to create awareness of Table Soccer among the students, school management, sports coaches and other stakeholders.

Interaction Programs

NTFA regularly organizes interaction programs on table soccer by calling upon sport organization, school management officials, clubs and other stakeholders to discuss on how we can promote sport in joint collaboration.

Awareness Program

NTFA conducts Table Soccer Awareness Program for school sports teachers, ECA officials, sports coaches, students and trainers in Nepal to promote this sport as recreational and competitive sports for school students.


NTFA organizes various table soccer tournaments by ensuring participation of national and international table soccer players from different schools, clubs and table soccer federations in collaboration with local school and management.

Objectives of our programs

  • To introduce Table Soccer to school students, sports teachers, ECA officials as an inclusive sporting activity for school students for their physical, mental and behavioral development
  • To aware the participants regarding potential of Table Soccer as an extremely fun, competitive and recreational sporting activity in Nepal
  • To encourage sports teachers, coaches and trainers to pursue Table Soccer trainer courses to train school students 
  • To explore opportunities of promoting Table Soccer in schools throughout Nepal
  • To inform the participants about basic rules of Table Soccer and implications of Sports Science in the Table Soccer Sport.
  • To inform stakeholders regarding global table soccer tournaments and events 


Sports Teachers/ECA officials

Coaches, Trainers - School Management Officials - Sports Enthusiasts

Sports Management Experts

Expected Benefits of the Programs

  • Awareness on Table Soccer as an inclusive sporting activity for school students
  • Information on major international tournaments including Table Soccer World Cup 
  • Awareness on potential of Table Soccer Sport to provide international exposure to school       students, coaches and trainers
  • Awareness on physical, mental and behavioral development of school students by playing Table Soccer 
  • Information on sports science and its implications in Table Soccer to promote the sport in grass-root level throughout Nepal

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